I eventually got a MIDI controller to make it easier to “play” these fx live and ended up with a Livid Alias8. Pretty solid little box – good size doesnt take much room in a cramped deck. Connecting it to all the processing code was pretty straightforward.

These are the first experiments with that:



It got its first run at a couple of dorkbot’s held at D7. Here is one where you can see the viz reacting to Moldover’s music (though at that point “playing” it with the Livid was minimal):

Here’s another one with Moldover from dorkbotSF at d7 Oct 2013:

Soon after D7 Michael invited me to join in doing visuals with them at Mighty. First “gig”! 7pm-7am. Fun OG 90s ravers party/reunion. Donald Glaude, Stacey Pullen, Jeno and others dj’d. Skippy did lasers. Fun time but it did make me skip my unrealistic plan of LA roadtrip the next day.

Pics from that night here:

Some composite video clips from that night:


View from the vj perch:

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