Most amazing residency I did this March 6-26 at the Banff Centre – Convergence – Electronic Music and Visual Art. Was able to collaborate with other artists VJing a live set with Stephen Baupre and Patti Schmidt at the Club, projecting my generative visuals on one of the buildings, projection mapping my visuals on to Josh Doerkson’s sculpture reacting to his music live. Our advisers Atom TM, Robin Fox, and others were amazing with their advice continuing till after the residency. While there I created a new algorithm. Some of the videos below:

TetraktysScreenSnapz001 from k0re on Vimeo.

TetraktysScreenSnapz003 from k0re on Vimeo.

MerkabaScreenSnapz001 from k0re on Vimeo.

joshcreepygothic from k0re on Vimeo.

MerkabaScreenSnapz005 from k0re on Vimeo.

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