I program for fun lately.  I’m into photography, traveling, robots, and blowing shit up (with SRL as performance art – not a terrorist).  I started dorkbot in San Francisco in 2002. I code and operate some of the machines at Survival Research Labs. In the 90s back when there were no kits to do this and wireless cards were just under $1000, I wrote the internet telerobotics systems for the Track Robot, Air Launcher, and Pitching Machine. This was the first time civilians developed a telerebotics control system for lethal machines. Over the web. With free, or cheap off the shelf components. I also architected and wrote parts of Stelarc’s Prosthetic Head piece.

This blog is a compilation of more current things that I’ve been playing with.

Karen Marcelo
@k0re on twitter and ello
Survival Research Labs
my neglected website
as the world renders (tumblr)

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